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Turnkey is about providing honor and integrity to the web and marketing. In the confusing and dishonest World wide web, it seems like no one is there to watch out for you. While there are a few businesses that make Billions of dollars in money in the right way. It is rather sad to know that there are so many internet marketing websites out there who choose to steal than run an ethical internet marketing campaign.

Head of Operations

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Wade Phelps

Wade Phelps

Chief Executive Officer
Turnkey Web & Marketing, Delower Hossain, turnkey, Web Design Service in New York

Delower Hossain

President of Operations
Turnkey Web & Marketing, Shamim Ahamed

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer

Development Team

Mushfikur Rahman

Backend Developer

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Atikur Shohan

Atikur Shohan

Frontend Developer

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Syed Akash

Syed Akash

WordPress Developer

Arup Sarkar

WordPress Expert

Apu Mondal

WordPress Expert

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Asim Mollick

Ashim Mollick

WordPress Expert

Design Team

Seikh Rony

Graphics Designer

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Nasrin Nahar

Nasrin Nahar

Photoshop Expert

Support & Marketing Team

Turnkey Web & Marketing, Fatema Bristy

Fatema Bristy


Turnkey Web & Marketing, Turnkey Web and Marketing, Yasmin Jahan, Turkey Team Memnber

Yasmin Jahan


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